In taking a look at the concept of coaching, I’d like to quote the beginning of a song by Bosse, a musician from Braunschweig, called ‘So oder so’:

„Life is bitter sweet, like figs / You’ve gotta let loose and choose / Between running with no aim or making your claim / I mean let it come on its own / Cause your happiness can soar, your happiness can find home / Things go, things stay / Not good to keep fighting, cause right now, you can’t change things / Life kicks, life kisses you / But something good’s gonna happen, and if it’s good, it’ll be for good …“


coaching-mannCoaching helps us to find out what another person wants or needs and where this should lead to. With systemic coaching, which is what I offer, it’s the personal aspects and wishes in the context of each system, be it for your job or privately, so that our findings can stimulate ideas and lead to personal best performance in harmony with your environment. Everyone has the opportunity to realise this for themselves.


Since it is sometimes very difficult, if you are on your own, to see the other side’s point of view or to find another angle to an issue, it helps to have a coach beside you who can give you the impulses needed.

“You can achieve a great deal
if you learn to expect a great deal of yourself”

„Man kann viel, wenn man sich nur recht viel zutraut“
Wilhelm von Humboldt

I offer:

  1. Single coaching sessions (issues at work or personal issues/development) and
  2. Team coaching sessions, e.g. in a working environment but also for private or groups involved in community work